September 14, 2008

When public transportation turns on you

So the story I am about to share with you I have meaning to post for some time now. Putting my embarrassment aside, I think it is important to let you know that sometimes living in the City is quite hard.

A couple of weeks ago I had an interview in midtown. I knew that taking the subway would take around 25 minuted to arrive at my destination. So of course I plan to give myself plenty of time by leaving my apartment 45 minutes early. When I arrive at the 70th St. subway stop, an announcement come on that the B train that is headed downtown is temporarily stalled. Not good! I decide to run up to Central Park West and hail a cab. Success! I forgot to mention that not only is this day the hottest and most humid day I had experienced thus far in NY but many of the streets were shut down due to Fashion Rocks and the NFL kick -off concert that was later being held. As you can imagine the traffic was horrific. So we are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic at 5th Ave and 65th St and I have about 10 minutes until my interview. (Currently about 14 blocks from my interview.) I tell the cabbie I have to get out here and walk (rather run). I pay him $12 for practically nothing and begin sprinting down 5th Ave. (If you are wondering, yes, I was smart enough to wear flip flops and pack my heels in my bag.) By this time I have 5 minutes. I quickly call the HR front desk, let them know my situation, and arrive at my interview 3 minutes late, flustered and sweating. The result: currently the majority of the positions I am being interviewed for will not open up until December.

If only I was in a movie...

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