September 16, 2008


I want to share about my little boy that I support in Ghana through Compassion. His name is Louis Akugbey N. He turned 5 in July and is the cutest thing you have ever seen. (That is, if I had a scanner you could see him.) Since I have been sponsoring him I have received 5 letter from him each of which come with a picture attached. My latest letter I just had to share because his sincere and personal words practically brought tears to my eyes. I hope you enjoy it...

Dear Kate,
I was very nice to meet you in my life. How are you doing and your family? I hope by the grace of our almighty God you are fine as I and my family are doing in Ghana. My family loves you very much, they hello to Mark, Claudia, David, Tiffany and you for your support. I am on holidays staying with my parent through out. Are school children in your country on holidays? There is a festival going on in my town New Ningo called Homowo. Do you celebrate festivals? I will like to know more about things going on in your country. Stay bless with all my love to you. Thanks you.
Louis Akugbey

Also included with the letter was a picture of a green pencil! If I get the chance I will try to figure out a way post a picture of Akugbey so you can put a face to his words. Look forward to more updates in the future.

* Thank you Jenn Mosburg for introducing me to Compassion and Akugbey.

*For those of you who are interested in learning more... Compassion. And in honor of my friend Mary Emma and her work with... World Vision. (Both are equally great, world changing Christian organizations.)


Tiffany said...

He's precious! He is only 5 and writes/articulates so well?? He is thinking on a much higher level than most 5 year olds I come in contact with! I can't wait to see his little face!!

kate said...

Love it! I can't wait to see a should just take a picture of your picture...that's what us non-techies do :)

jenn said...

kate, how can this be true? i've received fewer letters and been sponsoring longer. =) thanks so much for sharing... aren't those words some of the greatest encouragement?! even the drawings on the letters make my eyes well up... i feel like a proud parent must feel. happy to hear how it's blessed you!
miss you!!!