September 7, 2008

The P Party

Just wanted to share some photos from Martha's latest theme party. The attire was anything that started with the letter P. As I'm sure you can imagine there was a lot of plaid, polka dots, a princess, a Parisian, a few pregnant ladies, Patty Mayonnaise (remember Doug?), 1985's prom queen, Paris Hilton, some preps, Sarah Palin, Pink (Kristin), Purple (me), Pickle (Martha), Peacock (Kristen), and many other P people. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, Kristin and I did take the subway dressed like this.

The party's peacock
Only Martha knows how wear a green unitard

The pickle taking center stage

Pink and Purple loved the pink punch a little too much


The Jones Trio said...

Looks like a Pretty Perfect Party!

jenn said...

how FUN! i just realized that my friends might not be as cool as i have always thought... we've never had a party even close to this one!! =) love that you're keeping these posts coming.

p.s. word on the street (aka my husband) has it that we might be taking a NYC trip in december. keep it on the DL. ha. =)