September 6, 2008


Monday Kristin and I decided to spend most of the day in our running attire walking around Central Park. While walking I was trying to convince Kristin that maybe we should invest in some roller blades because of the awesome exercise they are known to provide. She looked at me sternly and said, "NO."

If you've been to New York you know there are many roller skaters and roller bladers. And don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a snicker or two when one plows into a wall or dances freakishly in their blades. And I know how rediciously one looks in them, but I thought maybe we could look past those reasons for a great set of toned legs???

Well luckily on our way back to my apartment we ran into a very fierce skating club, and as you can imagine the sights we were lucky enough to witness dissolved my roller blading ideas for good. Although I do wish for you all to see the video we caught of the skaters, it refused to upload. I will continue to try and post it at a later date. For now you'll have to just settle for the photos!

* We had a good laugh and continued with our evening of Gossip Girl and Haagen Daiz with Alyssa and [my other] Kristen. :-)

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The Jones Trio said...

I used to rollerblade. I don't think I had great style like they do though. :)