August 12, 2009

A year of firsts

Leaving Texas.

First NY roomies and Central Park picnic.

First week in NY.

My first cupcakes, literally. (Always well worth the calories.)

P Party House Party.

First Fall.

First road trip out of the City for pumpkins and apples.

Apple picking.

First (and probably only) Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

First NY Thanksgiving at Friend of a Farmer.

My first live Christmas tree... ever.

My first NY Christmas experience and my first NY visitor.

New Years in NY.

First of many snow days.

My first NY birthday party.

Happy one year anniversary New York! Here's to a few more years of memories... xoxo

August 3, 2009

Summer and the City

Folks, today is August 3 and I cannot believe it. The summer have flown by. Our new apartment has literally been a revolving door. Between the two of us, we've had 6 visitors in the span of a month in a half. Talk about draining my already non-existent financial resources! But I would not have traded the time I got to spend with good friends and my parents this summer. Moving downtown has proved to be the best idea I have made here in New York.

Here is what's been happening in the last 2 months:

- I have walked the Brooklyn Bridge twice, toured Central Park 3 times, enjoyed Top of the Rock for the first time, eaten in Little Italy due volte, purchased fresh cherries for $1/lb from a street car in Chinatown, admired 2 glass elevators with my Dad (ha!), cheered at 2 Yankee games, applauded 2 Broadway shows, and Brunched too many times to count
-Work continues to go well and be quite fun. We have had several roof-top happy hours lately, and let's face it: there is nothing better than a roof-top party in NY.
-In between visitors a big group of friends picnicked under the stars while listening to NY Philharmonics free Central Park concert. Delicious all around.
- I hate to even bring up our weather problem because most of my readers are Texans, but y'all it has rained all summer. So in that case I'm kinda ready for Fall already. As we most know, rain means humidity, and in this City humidity means stinky stinky stinky!
- All summer at church we have been going through a 22 week series on Ephesians, and each week has been amazing. It has helped strengthen my life as a NY citizen, an employee, a friend, and a daughter/sister.
- Next stop: Texas in 2 days! Although I am nervous that my 100 degree weather survival skills may be lost, I am so so excited to be back in the Lone Star State.

Mom and Dad outside our favorite neighborhood pizza joint.

Central Park and Uptown

Observation Deck

Little Italy

Dad taking a picture of a glass elevator- with his Blackberry :)


City Hall Park

My faves at the Beer Garden

Keith's visit

Our new friend, isn't he lovely?

Matching pup

Kristin, my roommate

Happy 4th of July, at Yankee Stadium

Central Park croquet

Bailey, my Texan roommate