September 28, 2008

How to properly spend a rainy weekend on the Upper West Side

What do three Upper West Siders do on a gray and gloomy rainy weekend in the city? Absolutely nothing.

Friday: catch up on 4 hours of tivoed television and experiment with cake balls. Yes you heard it correct. I got pulled into a weekend that consisted heavily of cake balls. The roomies reaction to my No Cake Challenge... "Can't you just add a few more days on to you end date?" Ahh guilty peer pressure. (The cake balls were delicious and it is safe to say we got so sick of them I am looking forward to rest of my challenge!) And to be vain for a moment, my poor Burberry umbrella had a small accident and snapped. Guess it's just too delicate for this northeast wind and rain. RIP (unless I have sent off to be revived.)

Saturday: trekked all the way to Anthropologie in the rain and humidity only to get sent home three hours later because of slow business. Later, joined the roommates in eating a couple more cake balls before taking a fantastic nap. Wakey, wakey upper west siders, time for more cake balls and the 10 o'clock showing Baby Mama in Apt. 2D.

Sunday: ready for a much needed run after being cooped up for the last two days. Oops, still raining. Settled for a few deep breaths and sun salutations on my bright green yoga mat. After my arms had had enough, ran across the street to grab a cup of coffee and set out in search of a new umbrella. (Insert tears here...) Oh but what's this? Another street festival? Yes, the 20th anniversary of New York City's Ecofest, featuring all things good for the Earth. Watched some tango dancers perform on a stage powered solely by a portable energy sun panel, while eating my $4 falafal sandwich. Blissful.

Stay tuned, good things are happening on the Upper West Side this week.


jenn said...

oh kate... i just started yoga three weeks ago. i think i've found a new source of great excitement in my life! i did not know that this was a part of your daily routine. =) as always, i enjoyed the post! =) tootles

Kristen said...

Ohh the cake balls...I'm ashamed.