September 22, 2008

Rediscovering the old in Hell's Kitchen

Saturday I awoke to a fall day. It was barely 7o degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I googled new-york-city-flea-markets and set out on my way to rediscover the old. After a brisk 2 mile walk I had arrived at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. It was the kind of flea market you imagine. Decent prices, really old pieces (as in not faux old pieces), and a minimal amount of junk. There were fur coats, dainty jewelry, sweet hankies and aprons, Christmas decor from the 50's, dated cameras, and some of the most beautiful vintage Buddha heads I have ever seen. I knew I wanted to walk away with something special and was very pleased with my strength to resist the urge to plop all my cash down at the first vendor.

Ladies and gents, I made it through the whole flea market before buying anything!

I continued to think about an old bracelets I saw in the middle of the market. When I went back to the vendor and asked the price my heart sunk when she told me $39.

Well will you take $25? (It never hurts to ask and besides I only had $36 in my wallet.)
No. But I'll take $34.
Ok, then how much for this smaller gold bracelet?
$18. But I will sell you both of the bracelets for $35.

Sold! I pulled out my wallet and became the proud owner of 2 vintage bracelets circa 1960.

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mdumas said...

What a great deal! Those are cute too. Now you can think when you want cupcakes.."I dont need cupcakes, I have great bracelets to wear all day"