February 1, 2009

Growing up in the wrong decade

Well you might have noticed in the news, but it's cold here in New York! And cold weather means hibernation, which calls for very uninteresting posts, or a lack of posts all together. Stick with me for random evening like the one described below...

So a small group of friends and I decided we would start off the new year with a book club. I chose the first book, A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, and sent out invitations for a good 'ole winter fiesta to discuss. In turn the fiesta became a mere pre-party for a concert we all wanted to go to. RUBIX CUBE! The ultimate 80's cover band.

And there is nothing, literally nothing, I love more than an 80's cover band.

So the night started with Kristin's Burritos, Donna's Margarita's, Rockwoood Guacamole, Real Sangria and a little Gipsey Kings (my contribution because I am a disaster in the kitchen) . We spent a good 5 minutes discussing the book, and spent the rest laughing, eating, and drinking. Martha was confused as to why no one else was dressing up for the concert, and if you know Martha you can probably guess it didn't really make any difference. She dressed up anyways. That green unitard was quite a smart purchase.

So here we go, picking up a recent window sill give-away on our way out. (That poor teddy bear did not see us coming.) Subway, a no go. Cabbin' it it to Canal and Broadway. As the cabbie pulls over I believe my exact words were, "Ok everybody have everything??" Pitiful, because I leave my phone in the cab. (Later was returned by the cab driver for a nice hefty tip.)

And here is where my story ends because I believe pictures always speak better than words.

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Jennifer and Daniel said...

as always, it does appear that you are having yourself one heck of a good time! =) i randomly thought of you this morning while watching regis and kelly. it had nothing to do with your previous post but more to do with what they were discussing. have you been smelling the maple in NYC? =) i didn't catch all of the conversation, but i gathered that there's a hint of maple syrup in the air. =)

miss you, girl!