January 19, 2009

Failed Attempt

Since today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. it also means that we have a long weekend. And because we live next door to the ABC studios we felt it necessary to take this opportunity to get up early to stand in the stand-by line for Live with Regis and Kelly. According to the website today's show was to feature Kyra Sedgwick, Brody Jenner (let's face, that's why we were going), and American Idol's Kara DioGuardi. So by 7am we are out the door, doing a little slip 'n slide through the accumulated snow, ready to meet the man of our dreams. We are first in line, although we can feel the burn from the tourists' eyes glaring at us through the Starbucks window across the street. Of course I am the first to make a coffee run. I grab my normal grande soy misto and slide back across the street to resume my place in line. Only to find out that while I was getting my coffee fix a producer came out to tell us the following...

"I feel really bad but the next two days are blackouts and there are no tapings. Yah, the lady in charge of updating the website isn't very good about doing it."

In which Kristen replies, "She should be fired."
I mean, this is ABC. How can you have people on your team that are so inefficient? It is purely ridiculous that the website is not updated in a timely manner. This effects people's lives!

So instead here I sit on the couch, 7:30 am, while Alyssa and Kristen soundly sleep, watching Kelly be crowned Homecoming Queen on Saved By the Bell, drinking my unnecessary misto. Brody Jenner, Zach Morris... really, it's a win win situation.

Update: I am now watching the episode when Lisa is allergic to Screech. I love this this show.

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Tiffany said...

1. Hilarious
2. My family thinks KRISTEN is the super easy-going one and she is calling for the ABC interns head? ha!
3. I love me some SBTB and watched a couple of episodes this weekend as well.
4. I DO NOT feel sorry for you girls as I am sitting here at WORK!
5. I love Brody. There....I said it.