January 8, 2009

Truth be told, I have been dreading the blog. The holidays came and went. Our apartment has been a revolving door all through December and right into the new year. When our final house guests left on January 4th we about crashed to the floor. It has been a spirit filled, fantastic season with so much action I have been stumped as to where to begin.

Our first snow of the season presented itself on December 6th. My mom and I were chatting during The Lion King's intermission when a young boy flew into the theatre shouting, "It's snowing outside!". We have had quite a bit of snow since then, of course always falling on the most inconvenient of days. (Such as the day every New York Texan is trying to fly home for Christmas.) It gracefully falls, sometimes sticking around for a day or two, then suddenly disappears.

When I finally touched down in San Antonio I realized it had been a quite a while since I had seen the sun, much less felt it's warmth against my very pale skin. (FYI the moon is out and around 4:30 here.) I hardly knew how to pack for 80 degree weather seeing that I had been living in a down jacket for the past month. Home was more than I expected it to be, and when my week expired I shed many tears as my parents drove out of our driveway back to the airport.

Flash forward past the extra five hours I spent in the Atlanta Airport and I was back in the hustle and bustle of New Years in New York. More snow and too much wind causing the temperature to "feel like 2 degrees." Ughhh, doesn't make for a glamorous New Years Eve. To answer the possible question that may be on half of my reader's minds, NO, I did not even consider Time Square. However, I do remember having a lot of fun and a lot to drink. (But unlike one particular past New Years I woke up in 2009 with my camera, credit cards, and cell phone. Live and learn.)

This season has taught me that... I really don't like Tex-Mex. (In which Kristin unenthusiastically replies, "I'm not surprised.") Watching tourist try to ice skate may be the best form of entertainment. Ever. It's really not too cold to still take a jog through Central Park. All parents have probably cussed at some point in their lives. Unlimited sushi and sake bombs makes for one heck of an evening. It's true, the holidays do make you fat. The first full week of work after vaca is loooong. And after it all, I am exhausted!

Happy 2009 friends. Glad I get to spend it with you.


Tiffany said...

Dave's holding Maggie like a baby.

kate said...

Yes, he is practicing his cradling skills.

The Jones Trio said...

I MISS you! I love seeing pictures of what's going on with you...it feels a little like I am there with you. Love you.