November 14, 2008

You need it, we've got it

Let me introduce you to our window sill.

This is no ordinary window sill. It has been described by some as a breeding ground for junk, a miniature thrift store, and the surprise around the corner. If a tenet in our building has something they no longer have use for they put it on the window sill. Everyone knows the window sill is free game. You just go ahead and pick yourself up a little treat on the way up the stairs.

Here's what has been spotted at the window sill:

-lots of clothes
-Mall Madness and Girl Talk and a few other board games
-Various magazines and books
-dishes of all shapes and sizes
-full size fridge (ok they were probably moving it out of an apartment but still it sat next to the window ceil for a couple of days, so it still counts.)
-AC window units
-an array of home accessories
-old videos
-Beauty products
(Literally, the window sill is never without something.)

Here's what I have gained from the window sill:

-an aluminium basket that now holds junk mail
-bright pink nail polish that contributed to the P Party
-several magazines
-my bedside lamp, doesn't have a shade but it's using an energy efficient bulb
-a book about chic green living

As time goes on I will be sure to keep you up to date with whatever the window sill is currently holding.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I am looking forward to the day one of us walks down to find a child sitting on the window sill.