August 11, 2008

The weekend of "see you laters"

I spent my final Dallas weekend (because according to Melinda I am dying) saying goodbye to some of my favorite people. (Please no hard feelings if I didn't see you this weekend.) Sunday morning I woke up after Melinda and I had a very uneventful slumber party (I fell asleep right away) crying. I knew it was time to go home, which meant it was time to say my farewell parting words to the women that I spend the majority of my life with. With glossy eyes I said goodbye to my roommate of 5 years. (Yes, 5 years, we can't get enough of each other.) I left my keys on the island of my favorite apartment ever. I sat on the floor of my very empty room while Melinda prayed for my trip, my journey, our relationship, and our memories. And then laughing through our tears we quoted some very people we know... ourselves. And finally, my sweet friend Rachellee, who agreed to take some of my junk because she is just positive it will sell in her garage sale. I love you for taking my junk! And I love you for drinking root beer with me (among many other reasons!)
It's never easy to say "see you later", but I'm thankful my last day was spent with you.
* When you're lonely, just say "Praise the Lord!" (Thanks Rory.)


The Jones Trio said...

Wow - seeing your room empty makes me cry. I was trying to still picture you down the street - this is definitly bursting my bubble of denial. Love you!

mdumas said...

Your purse is so popular, maybe it needs its own blog.