August 6, 2008

The one week countdown

Today marks the day. (Ok technically yesterday marked the day, but close enough.) I have exactly seven (six) days left as a Texan. It's about time I change my address! A few things I do believe I will miss deeply:

-People (I won't name names because they should know who they are)
-Anthropologie (not the customers but the business aspect... and my fellow managers and associates, oh and for the time being, the discount)
-Fall hikes with Mom and Dad
-Cheap drinks, cheap anything
-The State Fair in October
-Walk in closets
-Holidays normally spent with family
-Texas Clay Fest in Gruene with Mom
-Wurstfest and pitchers of beer
My list is really not that impressive when you compare it to what I'm most excited about!

* I will always be a Texan. And one day I will probably be an Austinite with David, Tiffany, and Rachellee

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