August 2, 2008

How much does one really need?

It has been about a month now that I started the packing/purging phase of my move. And when I really begin to think about the amount of money I have given away in the last couple of weeks it makes me slightly sick to my stomach (again.) But really, it is not about the money, it is about the consumption. While I recycle and strive to eliminate the amount of trash I contribute to the landfills, when will I realize that just because it is a steal does not mean I need to lay down the mula and purchase it.

*Luckily this will more than likely not be an issue in NYC because of a high probable lack of cash.

"I need to give Kate like $50 for all the clothes she has given me."
"$50??? More like $500!"
(Melinda and Jonathan, whom I would never take a dime from)

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Happy Life said...

Maybe I need to move across country so I can get my closet cleaned out :)