August 4, 2008

Enhancing our vocabulary

Monday. My first day off during my last week at Anthropologie. It first consisted of a long list of To Do's... but delightfully turned into a typical afternoon that Rachellee, Madeline, and I tend to spend together. When my Uncle Myles and I made the decision to meet for dinner at a nearby French restaurant, I decided to jump on their website so Rachellee and I could decide what I would eat that evening. (Yes, we like to be involved in each other's decisions.) And while I am always up for learning something new, I also thought it would do us well to jump on to find out the pronunciation of some of the French words we were stumbling on. Oh what fun we had making the "miniature robot" that lives inside my laptop pronounce word after word. If you've ever wondered how to say a certain word I definitely recommend using this tool. You will appear much more educated in social settings.

* gnocchi (nok-ee), and yes it was delicious!

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Tiffany said...

Baby = adorable!
swimsuit = totally adorable!