October 7, 2008

the Music vs. the Cell Phone

This weekend I saw Fleet Foxes at the Grand Ballroom. My good friend Kristin and I are big music goers. She's really good at keeping my iTunes up to date and fresh and I am really good about always being up for spending my hard earned cash on a concert. But what I unfortuntely noticed mid song the other evening was the amount of people with their cell phones out and open. Lights glowing, fingers taping, eyes shifted downward. The average kids were text messaging while their super trendy friends were checking email via their Blackberry or iPhone. Confession, I am a bit behind the times. For example, I happen to mention to someone at church this week that only a month ago did I finally tack on an extra $5 fee to my cell phone plan so that I can freely text message up to 200 times per month. (I quickly found out after I moved that text messaging is taken to a whole other level in NY... along with brunch. We shamefully waited for over 2 hours for award winning pancakes. Again, this is actually normal Sunday behavior in the city.) Anyways my friend was shocked that I was just now texting on a normal day-to-day basis. To get to the point of this detailed and rather boring post is that when did we decide that texting someone to tell them what song was being played was actually more important than listening to and enjoying the song? It's like taking a picture of the sunset but forgetting to look at the sunset. Photos only take you as far as the band's c.d. can. My recommendations: use the silent feature and sing along. (Opera style preferred.)

Ok, I'll step down from my platform now. Besides, it's been 1o minutes since I last looked at my cell to see if anyone's called... or texted. (And I'm sure they haven't.)

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jenn said...

we went to see glen hansard and marketa irglova last week. the phones were totally annoying, but it sounds like it might have been a different thing. these people were crazy about filming the entire concert! it was driving us nuts... those of us who came to live in the moment found it difficult to see the band for all the iphones being held up in the air!!! aaggghh!! i do feel like a cranky old lady, but i was getting a bit annoyed. =) glad you're getting groomed into the NYC way of life. the cool part is that you get to decide how much of it you want to adapt to! =)