October 12, 2008

BBQ, Blue Bell, and Texas football

Lessons learned from a very Texan weekend:

1. Blue Bell ice cream can be found in New York
2. Tequila shots are harder to swallow once you exit college
3. Country music sounds much better in a "Texas" bar
4. Lone Star beer taste good because it's from Texas
5. Not everyone (ie. New Yorkers) knows what "Texas OU weekend" means (we tended to forget that)
6. In New York, while it is important to support your college, it is more important to support your state
7. In the words of Bob, good friends really are for life


jenn said...

what a bummer for my sooners! but, i'm glad to see that you found a familiar environment for the game! the guy behind you in pic #3 looks cute... did you talk to him? ha! =) looks like FUN!

The Jones Trio said...

Hook'em Horns! Looks like fun - glad to see there is a spirited place to watch the game in New York.
Now I guess I need to go check out the guys in pic #3.....