October 6, 2008

"Hey, can I call you Joe?"

I have never been one who gets too political. And I am not shy to admit, I would rather watch repeat episodes of Saved By the Bell in the mornings instead of the news. But this is New York. And in New York everyone wants to talk politics; it's part of the culture and frankly it makes this election much more exciting. So this year I have decided to get informed. I have read McCain and Obamas platforms, watched the debates, I have read the news from both sides of the spectrum, and I have had many discussion between friends over brunch, lunch, and dinner. And during our most recent debate-watching shin dig, the Obama supporters sat relaxed as they watched Biden do his thing, while the other half of McCain supporters clenched their teeth with high hopes Palin took good notes at Debate Camp. But no doubt with all the information and opinions splattered in every type of media, the whole process of being a responsible American can become very tiresome. In light of the seriousness elections obviously bring, Saturday Night Live is here to ensure we find some comic relief. Whether you side with Palin, oops I mean McCain, or Obama, the skits are just funny. (You'll find the latest clip in the post below.)

And if think about it, the most exciting part of this year's election is that either outcome will create a text book worthy historic moment. We will either have the first African American President or the first woman VP. A truly amazing and overdue accomplishment in my opinion.

Well folks, you know I really hope to see you all at the polls. (Insert wink and wave here.)

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