April 7, 2009

Turning 25

Well it's official, I am half way to 50. Tear. On another note, I just celebrated my first birthday here in New York. It began on Friday, with a red velvet cupcake from my friends at work. Followed by pizza and wine at Bellini's in our upper west side neighborhood. (Oh I shall not forget to tell you about the two shots of icing Alyssa and Kristen presented me with. My fave!)

Saturday is when the real festivities began. Brunch! A New York must and a good excuse to day drink. So at 1:00pm we enter Il Bastardo ready to begin the bottomless mimosa challenge. Somehow I later made it back to Maraca's in the West Village, where they lovingly presented me with a sombrero and tequila shot while the disco ball rotated to loud music. Ok folks, needless to say I was fast asleep in my bed by 7:45pm. Perfection.

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