April 14, 2009


I started this blog because I wanted a simple way of mass updating my friends and family of my adventures her in New York City. Today as I watch my current New York life change I realized that I never really told the story of how I ended up here. Really, me coming to New York has everything to do with God's plan (as do all things) and my sister-in-law.

Last year my college roommate and I had tentative plans to start off the summer with a trip to Ruidosa for a long weekend. When our plans fell though I decided since I had already requested the time off from work I would use it by going home. Saturday morning, while Mom, Tiffany, and I were out walking Tiffany said, "Oh Kate, by the way, one of Kristen's (Tiffany's sister) roommates suddenly decided to move back to Texas and they are looking for someone to take her room."

In which I unthinkingly and automatically replied, "I'll take her room!"

Looking back, I am almost positive Tiffany was not at all being serious. The next evening, while my parents drove me to the airport, I sat in the back seat and told them that if Kristen wanted me to move in with her then I was going to. It didn't take long because by the time I was back in Dallas that evening I had given Kristen a verbal commitment to be in New York within the next month.

Everyday I had off from work I was packing. I sold all that I could. And the rest, well it still resides in my parent's house. (Yeah, no hard feelings there.) I said goodbye to my beloved Anthropologie, shed tears as I tried to articulate what each and every friend meant to me, and drove southbound 35 watching the Dallas skyline disappear in the distance.

I savored my last few days in New Braunfels, sleeping in the room I grew up in, the deer in the backyard, the distant train horns, feeling the Texas heat against my skin, enjoying the company of my parents. And then just as I had left Dallas a few days before, I left Texas all together.

I remember the first week I was in New York. I thought I would never figure out the subway system. I thought I would never know exactly where I was. I thought I would never figure it all out. This past weekend I celebrated my 9th month here in New York. Nine months ago I had no idea that my life would look the way it does now.

At the end of the month I say goodbye to the Upper West Side. Goodbye to the park and my movie theatre across the street. Goodbye to Barnes and Noble on the corner where I go to get away on a rainy day. And farewell to Magnolia down the block, where I have eaten countless vanilla cupcakes and enjoy getting a cup of coffee with soy milk. Oh and not to forget Shake Shack, Nanoosh, 67 Wine or Whole Foods at Columbus Circle. Just a few of the reasons why I just love my neighborhood.

And today I said goodbye to Kristen. And next week I say goodbye to Alyssa. These are the two girls who introduced me to the City. They welcomed me into their tiny apartment and into their big lives. Their friends became my friends, their activities became my activities. And they'll take a little piece of me back to Texas with them.

It is amazing the way God works through your life. If I had gone to Ruidosa for the weekend, I probably wouldn't be living in New York. That last minute decision to use the weekend to visit with my family completely changed the course of my life. What I knew and what I was comfortable with was sacrificed for the unknown. Moving to the Lower East Side feels like I am moving to New York all over again. New apartment, new roommate, new neighborhood. I know, I'll find my niche. I always do. Through out this process I have stood by my motto, God's timing is always perfect. And I am a living example of it's truth.

Giggle giggle friends, I miss you already.

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