August 27, 2010

hi there. i'm back from my blogging hiatus! (ha, well for today at least. i don't want to make any false promises.)

lately i have been thinking a lot about how i have let down all five readers i probably have... and honestly, it really would be neat to have a record of how i have been spending my days. so i suppose that is where blogging comes in because i definitely have not been putting pen to paper.

so here goes my small attempt to get over my fear of being boring, or not being witty enough, or have dull conversation with myself and just write.

and seeing that my last post was from january, i hope you are looking forward to multiple posts recapping the months that have been skipped in between. (probably including explanation of the trolls above.)

stay tuned...


The Jones Trio said...

I can't wait!:)

Melinda Dumas said...

Yay!! You came back! Look forward to it.