May 24, 2009

Farm Grandpa turns 90!

Last week I flew to Arkansas to see my family and help celebrate my Grandfather turning 90. I now have two Grandfathers in their 90! Yes, I do believe longevity runs in the family. It was a quick weekend getaway where I got to wear shorts for the first time since last September, drank lots of cheap wine at the Newport Country Club, and ate Chili's and Sonic within the first few hours of arrival. (Very exciting, thanks David!)

Some of the pictures are bit grainy. This is due to the fabulous fluorescent lighting at the Club.

Farm Grandmother and Grandfather

David and Tiffany

Bailey, my cousin that never ever ceases to entertain us.

My father, who also never ever ceases to entertain us.

My Aunt and Uncles (minus one Aunt)

David and a few of our sweet cousins. It was so cute that David and Bryce were twinkies.

Mom and Tiffany, my sister-in-law.



(Explanation of what my brother and I call our grandparents: My Dad's parents own a ton of farmland in Arkansas and my Mom's parents have always lived in Tennessee. So ever since we were children David and I have identified our Grandparents as either "Farm -" or "Tennessee -". So original, I know!)