December 12, 2008

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Have you forgotten me? Life hasn't stopped since Thanksgiving began, so instead of beating around the bush about what's been going on I'm just going to give you the facts.

In between working 40 hours a week here's what's happening...

-Slumdog Millionaire: Love it, love it. Best movie I have seen in quite a while.
-Twilight(times 2): Sparked an interest in reading the books. A few months and years later than most, but better late then never.
-Australia: An epic. Long. But very entertaining, especially Nullah.
-The boy in the striped pajamas: Heaviest movie ever. Well made and well played, but get ready to dip into a deep depression afterwards.

-The Lion King: So creative and so well put together I almost shed a tear. Unbelievable what can be accomplished on a stage.

Yes, jumped on the band wagon and began the Twilight saga. I am currently on book 3. Little stressed out seeing that I hope to finish all of them by the end of December. Not that it matters because I am the type of person that reads ahead, loves the spoilers, and tries hard to get my roommates to give away future information. (Alyssa love this about me. Jk.)

Lately... The Submarines, Bon Iver concert in Brooklyn (just lovely), Mariah Carey Merry Christmas, Adele, MGMT, Womanizer, and some old Radiohead.

Who has time when you are trying to get though four 600 page books?

Christmas Trees marveled at:
-Rockefeller Center
-New York City Public Library
-Bryant Park
-Saks Fifth Avenue
-Apartment 2D
-Tiffany's (as in my spirited sister-in-law)


David said...

Those aren't our Christmas trees turd!

kate said...

Close enough.